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These videos educate and promote All Star Cheer & Dance and USASF programs and initiatives. They may be used by all members on their websites, in social media, at events and through other methods of communicating with customers, All Star participants and the general public. More subjects will be added, so please check back and share!*

This Is All Star

All Star athletes, their parents and coaches talk about what All Star really teaches and how being a part of a team impacts lives and prepares athletes for their future endeavors.

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All Star Cheer (00:30)All Star Cheer
All Star Dance (00:30)All Star Dance
All Star Cheer & Dance (02:31)All Star Cheer & Dance

All Star Safety

What does The USASF do to ensure All Star is safe for athletes to train and compete?

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Making All Star Safer (00:30)Making All Star Safer

USASF Scholarships

The USASF, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, has awarded more than $250,000 since 2008 to member athlete leaders with college aspirations. Learn more.

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USASF Scholarships (00:30)USASF Scholarships

The Cheerleading and Dance Worlds

What is Worlds? Are you on a team with a goal of getting to The Cheerleading and Dance World Championship this year? Or do you just want to share the excitement of the pinnacle All Star event of the season with everyone you know? Share these videos on your website and in social media to get motivated!

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2019 Cheerleading Worlds Promo2019 Cheerleading Worlds Promo
2019 Dance Worlds Promo2019 Dance Worlds Promo

My Coach Taught Me

The cheer and dance athletes let us know what their coaches have taught them while participating on a cheer/dance team.

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My Cheer Coach Taught MeMy Cheer Coach Taught Me
My Dance Coach Taught MeMy Dance Coach Taught Me

*Videos may not be edited or in any way altered from the original content and format.