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Have you recently taken part in a USASF program? We’d love for you to share your experience — let other members know how it benefited YOU, your club, athletes or parents after participating! You can leave a written or video testimonial- or both! Thanks in advance and we look forward to sharing your experience with #AllStarNation.

Boo$t Your Net

The USASF and your Connection Leaders help you find extra $ and resources hiding within your own program.

Road Map to Boo$t Your Net

Please note: The BOO$T Your Net Guidebook was developed by The Connection Leaders in partnership with the USASF as an initiative to provide awareness, education and resources related to the issue of burnout in member owners, coaches and athletes.

The webinar and guidebook was developed prior to the COVID_19 Crisis, however, the content included does provide relevant and useful information for owners on building healthy revenue streams to support their businesses.

View the Growth & Business Builder Guidebook For Owners regarding burnout and revenue options – A Collaboration with the 2019-2020 Connection Leaders.

Cheer FUNdamentals

FUNdamentals is a FREE member resource for USASF program members. FUNdamentals is designed to be a short term, non-committal low cost introduction to All Star in a weekly class format. FUNdamentals will help create a new entry into our sport and help generate a new revenue source for your program. FUNdamentals establishes a FUN, low-pressure, non-competitive, technique centered path for new cheer athletes.

  • FUNdamentals is aimed at helping you attract a NEW CUSTOMER BASE.
  • Grow your business!
  • FUNdamentals is a short-term, non-committal, low-cost introduction to All Star in a weekly class format.
  • The entire program has been developed for YOU as a member benefit!

Accessing FUNdamentals is an easy two step process that is right at your finger tips.

  • Available to all USASF Program Members
  • Free Opt-In (Instructions)
  • Free Athlete Profiles

Any program that would like to access FUNdamentals will opt-in to FUNdamentals first. This process is completely free and will help USASF work alongside you as you run your new program. All of the resources are available to any paid USASF Program / Coach Member.

Login to your Program Profile and opt-in today!

FUNdamentals Pre-School Cheer

Preschool FUNdamentals is a foundational, class-based course. The U.S. All Star Federation has developed it to help YOU offer a new, lower cost, less intensive product in your facility that attracts first-time young athletes to All Star.

Preschool FUNdamentals is a foundational, class-based course. The U.S. All Star Federation has developed it to help YOU offer a new, lower cost, less intensive product in your facility that attracts first-time young athletes to All Star.

The lessons have been developed to introduce cheer in a FUN way to athletes that have never been a part of All Star and are curious as to what it’s all about. The idea is for athletes and families to fall in love with All Star cheer in a learning-only, non-competitive environment. Competition teams are there when the athletes are fully prepared through FUNdamentals!  

Preschool FUNdamentals is a program based on progressions over 12 weeks. As athletes master the skills in Preschool FUNdamentals they then can progress to FUNdamentals Cheer 1, 2, and 3. By the time the athletes complete FUNdamentals Cheer 3 they will have been introduced to and learning Elite Level 1 skills. At this point you get to help guide them to a direction in your program that best fits their needs, whether that is to additional classes, or perhaps to a Novice, Prep or Elite Team.

Let the FUN begin!

STEP 1: Opt-in
Any program that would like to access FUNdamentals will opt In to FUNdamentals first. This process is completely free and will help USASF work alongside you as you run your new program.

  • Log into your Program Profile
  • Select Policy
  • Select Fundamental Policy
  • Read / Agree to the Policy Terms
  • Enter athletes into the Fundamentals site (free)
Dance FUNdamentals
  • The Lessons are developed for ages 8 and up.
  • Modifications are provided for some skills/elements to encourage your coaches to strive for skills but keep the focus on FUN!
  • We encourage your staff to make sections easier or harder if needed.
  • The lessons can be expanded easily by cutting the choreography into smaller sections and having the program be 16 weeks instead of 12 (September – December)

For more details, please review Tips from the Fundamentals Dance Team


Empower new coaches and your existing level 1, 2, and 3 coaches with a solid foundation for our sport. Learn what makes building and tumbling skills legal and illegal for each level. See how the foundation of level 1 carries over to your higher levels. These tools will show your coaches how to use the USASF Rules and Safety standards at each level, building the foundation for your program!

Click here for more details

Novice Select

Offering a Novice division team is a great way to introduce new athletes to the performance-based All Star cheer world in a less-stressful environment. To help start your new Novice team, the USASF has created Novice SELECT, a set of tools to simplify the development of your Novice routine. Through Novice SELECT, coaches select the music, routine frameworks and skill sets that are appropriate for their Novice Level 1, 2 or 3 teams. These components are offered at no cost to help newer coaches and programs put together routines that are evaluated among other Novice division teams at USASF-sanctioned events.

View the Road Map to view tools for Novice Select

National All Star Cheer & Dance Day

Join us on 9/12/2020. Share your experiences using #NASCDD and #ThisIsAllStar and we’ll see you next year as we spread the FUN of All Star to the world!

Share your National All Star Cheer and Dance Day celebration!
With National All Star Cheer and Dance Day events happening all around the country we would love to gather performances of the NASCDD routine and photos from events to share with All Star Nation! Use the link below to upload videos and pictures and help us spread the fun, positivity and excitement of All Star.
Upload your files here

Quick Implementation Road Map

View complete details for the 2020 NASCDD

Peer2Peer Mentoring

The USASF Connections Leaders volunteer their time to help other owners offering their education, experience and expertise in running a successful All Star Program. If you are looking for one on one advice for growth, retention, customer services tips, parent engagement and much more, be sure to apply for a mentor.

Submit this form if interested in being matched with a Connection Leader Mentor.

If you need more information about the P2P Mentoring Program contact your Regional Director.

Learning Lab

This compilation from the USASF Connection Leaders is intended to be used as a tool to help you consider different factors when implementing a program such as this. It is the responsibility of the program owner to follow local government requirements.

Click here for more details

Implementing Novice

The Novice tier has been developed to help you attract a new customer base and grow your business by offering a different product for a new type of customer. Take advantage of all Novice has to offer by utilizing this tier as an additional pathway to the growth of All Star!

Watch the video of the Not So Novice coach class from the 2019 USASF National Meeting to learn ideas and strategies to successfully implement Novice into your program offerings. For more information or assistance in the implementation of a successful Novice program contact

Learn skills in building and tumbling for levels 1-3

Partnering in Education

You’ll diversify and grow your program when you use these tools to create connections with local schools. The “All Star Partnering in Education” Program is a disciplined, safe and structured after-school physical fitness initiative for children in kindergarten through 6th grade.

The Partnering in Education Program provides easy to use and practical tools to add other revenue sources for the All Star business owner. For more information or assistance in the implementation of the Partnering Education Program contact
View/Download the Education Overview document

Partnering in Preschool

Participants in the USASF Mentoring Leaders Program developed resources that provide All Star Program Owners with tools to expand existing markets by creating connections with schools. The “All Star Partnering in Education” program is a disciplined, safe and structured after-school physical fitness initiative for children in after school programs. We have added this new layer to the program for Partnering with Pre-School and offering the Active All Stars program to the Pre-Schools near you.

For assistance in implementing Partnering in Pre-School contact Kinshasa Garrett at

More Information:
All Star Partnering in Pre-School – Active All Stars Program

Crisis Management Resource Guide

Crisis Management Resource Guide is a collaborative work gathered by Connection Leaders over their decades of experience as coaches and owners of All Star clubs. It is intended as a resource and not as an absolute “how to” for any given situation. Coaches and owners should seek guidance and recommendations from professionals in the field of emergency management and medical professionals for appropriate action plans for their individual situations.

Click here for the Crisis Management Resource Guide

How to start & run a new dance program

Dance can be another revenue source for your program and the USASF is here to assist you! Use Dance FUNdamentals, mentors in the Peer2Peer program and other tools to be successful in adding this program to your facility.

Quick Implementation  Road  Map

J.U.M.P. Start

J.U.M.P. Start. is an educational seminar aimed at helping you set a solid foundation for your brand-new or growing program.

Share ideas and be inspired with a self-directed plan for growth and longevity in All Star.

For more information about the JUMP START Course contact Karen Wilson at

Legacy Launch

Legacy Launch is a program aimed at helping All Star Program Owners attain long term sustainability.  The course invites the sharing of ideas to allow inspiration and innovation in order to continue on a path of growth and longevity for the business. 

Legacy Launch  was created by the USASF in partnership with the Connection Leaders in order to Link Everyone who has Gained Achievement Challenging your Program Goals.

Attending the Legacy Launch class whether it be an online course or an in person session offered at the USASF National Meeting, you will walk away with a workbook that will guide you to set practices that can enhance your business and help it to grow.

For more information about the Legacy Launch Course contact Karen Wilson at

USASF Retention Program

The US All Star Federation is committed to providing a structure and framework that promotes a safe environment for All Star Cheer and Dance, thus leading to sustainability as a youth sport industry. In addition, we are committed to growing the sport through collective efforts with our member programs. We know that when All Star programs are able to attract new athletes as well as keep existing athletes, participation in All Star Cheer and Dance will grow. Both the sport and the business will see the benefits.

The USASF is committed to YOU and your All Star business and to growing All Star together.

For more details, please review the USASF Growth and Retention Resources

Videos to Share

These videos educate and promote All Star Cheer & Dance and USASF programs and initiatives. They may be used by all members on their websites, in social media, at events and through other methods of communicating with customers, All Star participants and the general public. More subjects will be added, so please check back and share!

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