The Connection

The USASF Connection is the path for involvement for program owners and coaches. The Connection provides opportunities to collaborate, contribute, share resources and mentor USASF members, all in an effort to promote the longevity and viability of All Star.
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National Advisory Board

The National Advisory Board (NAB) is democratically elected to support athletes and members by addressing emerging issues of broad potential impact and developing policies for the organization when needed.

In 2019, the Cheer and Dance National Advisory Boards were combined to one NAB in an effort to streamline conversations and planning that affect both cheer and dance while allowing for separate conversations that are relevant to one or the other. We look forward to more meaningful collaboration of all members.
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Regional Advisory Board

The Regional Advisory Board supports the initiatives of the National Advisory Board and will regionally convey new ideas to the National Advisory Board for consideration. All USASF Member Eligible Owners and Coaches are eligible to serve.
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Athlete Advisory Council

The USASF Athlete Advisory Council consists of high school age athlete members who are provided a platform to meet and to address emerging issues of broad potential impact.  The role of the Athlete Advisory Council (AAC) is to provide the Cheer and Dance National Advisory Board members with insight and input solely from the athlete perspective.
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Exceptional Athletes

To provide rules and safety guidelines, understanding and specialized training for Coaches and Assistants of athletes with Exceptional Athletes to enhance the benefit of their positive life experiences through All Star Cheerleading and Dance. For more information, contact: Glenda Broderick:
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To develop, maintain, and enforce the rules and judging procedures to govern The Cheerleading & Dance Worlds, and provide a standard for the industry.
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To develop and maintain: (1) the standards by which competitions qualify for USASF Sanctioning and the process and guidelines governing compliance, and (2) the approval process and criteria for event producer memberships including eligibility to offer Worlds bids.
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Worlds Advisory Board

To continually improve the quality of The Cheerleading Worlds or The Dance Worlds leading to increasing its effectiveness in accomplishing the mission of the USASF.
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Dance Executive

The Dance Executive Committee oversees dance committees as they serve the mission of the USASF, to understand the needs of the All Star dance community and make necessary recommendations to the USASF Board to meet those needs.
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To oversee and rule on all reports of noncompliance with the Professional Responsibility Code by program owners, coaches, athletes and all categories of Career membership. Rulings of this committee will be sent as recommendations to be reviewed and levied by the USASF Board of Directors.
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Professional Responsibility Code


Disciplinary Reports


To oversee and rule on all reports of non-compliance with the Professional Responsibility Code and/or Sanctioning Guidelines by event producers and affiliate members. Rulings of this committee will be sent as recommendations to be reviewed and levied by the USASF Board of Directors.
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Athletic Performance Standards

The Athletic Performance Standards Committee develops and provides guidelines which strives to protect All Star athletes on and off the performance floor.
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