Novice SELECT is a product of the NOVICE TIER.

Novice SELECT is a foundational guide that partners with the U.S. All Star Federation Novice Tier. The USASF has developed it to help YOU offer a new, lower cost, less intensive product in your facility that attracts first-time young athletes to competitive side of All Star. The guides have been developed to help newer coaches develop a competitive routine for a sanctioned event. Novice SELECT introduces competitive cheer in a fun way to athletes that have never been a part of All Star and are curious as to what it’s all about. The idea is for athletes and families to fall in love with All Star cheer in a non-stressful performance-based environment. Teams are evaluated at events.

Novice SELECT is a program focused on foundational skills, progressions, technique and performance.   Novice SELECT is a step up from the FUNdamentals Tier and helps prepare athletes for the competitive All Star Prep and Elite Tiers.  Novice SELECT is offered as an option within the Novice Tier. 

Novice SELECT is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1.            SELECT your Level 

Select your level 1, 2 or 3 based on the skill sets of your team.

2.           SELECT your Skills 

Select your skills from the lists provided in the Novice SELECT level lists and modules.  

3.          SELECT your Music

Select from one of the three cuts of Novice SELECT music provided (or cut your own music).

Novice SELECT 1
Novice SELECT 2
Novice SELECT 3