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Skills may be submitted through the USASF Coach App for review. All Cheer teams are required to submit all props and have a legal ruling prior to competition. Dance teams are not required to submit props.


Download the USASF Coach App from the App Store or Google Play Store by searching for “USASF COACH” or clicking one of the images below.

Click logo to go directly to the USASF Coach App
Click logo to go directly to the USASF Coach App


The coach submitting the video must be a current USASF member and be attached to a current USASF member program.


You will use your COACH login (same as your email and password) to login.

If you need assistance with locating your username you can ask your Program Administrator to locate your email through the program account or you may email

If you need to recover or reset your password go to using a web browser, preferably from a computer, and use the “Forgot/Reset Password” option.


If you need ANY assistance using the app email with the subject COACH APP HELP.


To have a video reviewed please email IASF using or

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For quick instructions for using the app please watch the video.


Coaches are encouraged to review videos prior to submission to ensure they are clear and able to be utilized for review. There should not be anyone in view that is not directly involved in the skill or sequence in question.

Please allow 10-14 days for review of your video and be aware response time is likely to increase leading up to major event weekends due to the volume of inquiries. Please plan accordingly and be patient. Most replies will be sent mid-week due to the travel schedules of the officials on the USASF Coach App Review Team.


  • Please submit your video only ONE TIME. If it is showing in the Coach App, it has been received.
  • Replies are generally specific to the tier/division/category selected when submitting the video, but replies of LEGAL are automatically applicable in higher levels in the same tier and age group.
  • Replies cite the rule violated for submissions that are not allowed in the tier/division/category selected when submitting the video.
  • Replies only rule on the skill in the video, not the participants, so you may use your coaches to video the skill and submit for your Tiny team.
  • You are expected to have basic knowledge of the rules and replies will not be teaching the rules in our replies.
  • Replies will not assist with changing choreography.
  • The ruling is only valid if the skill is performed the same way in the video as at the event.
    • If called on a skill ruled legal in the Coach App the official at the event should point out the difference.
  • Videos should be filmed specifically for the purpose of getting a ruling in a way that conclusively shows the skill/sequence is allowed.
    • Sometimes a straight on view is not the best option as it may not show details as clearly as an angled point of view.
  • Videos must be of your team in a practice environment.
  • Videos must be of a single skill or sequence.
  • Videos must display in an upright manner when viewed (i.e. the floor should be on the bottom and the ceiling on top).
  • Videos should include the minimal number of athletes possible.
  • There should not be any extra people in the video that could impact the ruling.
  • Athletes should be dressed appropriately (i.e. male athletes in shirts).
  • Replies will not  come via any method outside the Coach App including text, social media, and email.
  • Please be sure to check the comments from the reviewer for any warnings.
  • Adding a comment to skill submissions should not be necessary because the video should clearly show anything that would be stated.
  • Scoring questions will not be answered. Submissions should only question if a skill is allowed in a level or not.

Examples that should not expect a ruling:

  • Videos from competitions.
  • Videos believed to be of other teams.
  • Videos of more than one skill or sequence.
  • Videos of entire routines.
  • A portion of a video (ex: please watch from 1:30-1:45 to review pyramid section or please watch the group on the right and ignore the left side).
  • A written description of a skill.
  • A video of a skill with a description of the difference with the skill you would like to perform.
  • A video with an athlete in a cast or walking book participating in skills.



  • Please provide a clear view of the prop from all sides as well as the choreography incorporating the prop.
    • This can be in a single video or separate submissions.
    • If separate submissions please submit the prop itself first and submit the video of it being used 2nd adding the submission code of the prop’s standalone video in the comments of the use submission.
    • Note – The submission code of the standalone prop submission is available as soon as it is submitted. You do not need to wait for a reply to submit the use video, but the use video will not be approved and would need to be resubmitted if the prop itself is not approved.
  • Please also list all materials in the prop in the comment section.

Groups & Pairs

  • Please include the executing dancer entering and exiting the skill in question.
  • Make sure contact between the executing dancer(s) and supporting dancer(s) is clearly visible. Submit multiple angles as needed.


  • For mirrored pyramids please build and video only 1 side.
  • Please film from an angle that clearly shows any required connection.


  • For most stunts please include only 1 stunt group in the video.
    • For stunt transitions with tops changing groups please include 2-3 groups to be sure a group that is both throwing and catching a top person is shown.
  • Please film from an angle that clearly shows any required connection.


  • Please include only 1 tumbler in the video.

Submission Code