The USASF has designed a series of resources to enhance the All Star Experience. These resources and tools can be used in a variety of ways. Be sure to check out the link for each one of these great resources to help you create a pathway to elevating the All Star Experience for you athletes.

Print out this poster and demonstrate to your customers all of the different pathways for elevating their All Star Experience. Include in your Parent Packet and create pathways for athletes to explore other opportunities off the mat/marley that will translate into enriched life experiences.

What’s Your IQ – Chapter 1

Middle School Age and Higher

What’s your IQ is an interactive series meant to be done “in house” with the coaches and athletes.  Designed for the middle to high school aged athletes of All Star, it builds individual character and team unity.  Implement this program to enhance the Culture in your All Star facility!

What’s YOUR IQ? Elevate your Integrity Quotient with this monthly team activity that builds individual character and team unity!

Athletes and coaches introduce a new word each month that supports the overall theme of “Integrity” and encourages conversation in gyms and studios about how athletes, teams, coaches and owners can personally be the example, and encourage others to be the example, of that month’s word.

Road Map to Implementation of What’s Your IQ
Start the conversation! Download both versions of the video and the Conversation Starters each month, and share them with your teammates, on your website and on social media!

What’s Your IQ – Chapter 2

What’s your IQ Chapter 2 is the second set of conversation starters and intended as interactive series meant to be done “in house” with the coaches and athletes. Designed for the high school-aged athletes of All Star, it builds individual character and team unity. Implement this program to enhance the Culture in your All Star facility!

Road Map to Implementation of What’s Your IQ

Complete Details on Chapter 2

What’s Your IQ – Junior

K – Middle School Ages

The USASF has created a fun activity book for upper elementary and junior high school age athletes.  We hope you will use this book liberally with your athletes and encourage parents to initiate thoughtful discussions about the values that All Star provides in creating better citizens.

Road Map to Implementation of What’s Your IQ Junior

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USASF Leadership Facilitators for 2021-2022 bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching others to tap into their own personal leadership style. Our core vision is to empower those in attendance to find their personal leadership and communication style and create a path for transforming and leading those within their circle of influence.

Each Leadership Workshop will have Core Staff. Additional Leadership Regional Facilitators will be added based on registrations and location.

View complete details for the USASF Impact, Bolt & March Leadership Programs

Wellness Essentials

Wellness Essentials is a series of short, one to five minute quick talk videos that introduce important topics like coaching and positive self talk, working with parents, encouraging a healthy program, motivational techniques, incorporating balance and fun into your practices. The series offers videos for owners, coaches, parents and athletes and promotes that within All Star, we strive for the overall physical, emotional and mental well being of the athletes.

Quick Implementation Road Map

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Wellness Essentials- Speaking Honestly About Real Experiences

The WE S.H.A.R.E. video series is designed to provide a platform for alumni and All Star Athletes to discuss topics pertaining to All Star from their perspective.

The WE S.H.A.R.E. video series was developed by the USASF so that the athlete members have a platform to discuss issues that pertain to them. Governing Authorities are served well when they provide opportunities for the Athletes to contribute in a variety of ways to their sport.

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Project Love

USASF is excited to partner with Project Love and be a part of the “I Pledge to Stick Together Against Bullying” campaign. This initiative stresses that each child is treated the way we all want to be treated – with kindness, caring, respect and empathy.

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Parent Communication

Download these documents and share with parents via your team groups or at a parent meeting. The information is universal to all programs and can help you foster a supportive and welcoming environment.
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