Private Facebook Groups

The USASF has made the tough decision to close THE CONNECTION app on September 1st. You’ve all been wonderfully supportive in THE CONNECTION but we’re taking our conversation to a place where many of you are already familiar– Facebook. Consolidating our online communities will make it easier for more members to unify and participate in conversations that are most relevant to All Star. Just like in THE CONNECTION, our Facebook group will be a place where members can engage in open conversation in a forum that is private and safe.

To get started, follow the USASF Page on Facebook. Program Owners are invited to join the private group USASF Owners and Coaches are invited to join the private group USASF Coaches (Owners, you’re welcome to join the Coach group too). Both groups are open and waiting for you!

Join TODAY by Computer

  1. once on the USASF Page, click the MORE tab under the cover photo
  2. click GROUPS and select the LINKED GROUP you’d like to join 

Join TODAY by Phone

  1. once on the USASF Page, scroll down to see GROUPS BY THIS PAGE 
  2. select the appropriate group

You will be required to answer a few questions and accept the ‘rules of engagement’. Once your Regional Director approves your request, you are free to roam and connect with other members of the private group. And, don’t forget to update your Manage Notifications options to receive notifications that fit your lifestyle. 

THE CONNECTION content from The Vault topic (recorded calls and notes) will be archived in Member Resources. To access, log in to your Member Portal > Member Resources > Resources > The Vault. Please contact your Regional Director if you need help accessing these items. Resources shared during COVID-19 can be found here [].

USASF National Meeting

Details for the 2021 National Meeting.