Legality Official Training

The USASF trains and certifies Legality Officials for All Star Cheer and All Star Dance on an annual basis. The certification term is based on each annual All Star season. Training courses for certification are available throughout the spring, summer and early fall. Please see below for additional information.

Online Legality Official Course Fees & Information (Cheer & Dance)

Due to the current situation with COVID19 we are unsure at this time if we will be offering on-site legality official training this year. If we are able to safely add locations for on-site training we will update if and when that information becomes available.

All candidates seeking Legality Official certification will have the opportunity to take all legality certification courses and the test online.

  • Online Courses and Testing will be available starting in mid-late May 2020
  • Available option for both Cheer and Dance Legality Officials
  • Must complete online courses & online test
  • Registration Fees:
    • $50 testing fee (adjusted fee in response to COVID19)
    • BOGO (Buy One Get One- FREE) Legality Official candidates may take both Cheer & Dance certification courses for the price of one
    • If you completed the ’19-’20 in person or online Legality Official course you will receive an email by May 25th regarding a different form of registration

All Legality Official candidates must:

  1. Complete all required sessions of online training
  2. Complete the Legality Official certification test

Once a Legality Official candidate successfully passes the test in order to officially certify they must:

  1. Complete a background screening through the USASF portal in conjunction with National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) and receive a Green Light Screening Status using the designated USASF directions that you will receive once you register. Background checks are good for two years and will cost $30 for the ’20-’21 season.
  2. Complete SafeSport online training using the designated USASF directions that you will receive if you pass the Legality Official Test. The cost is $20. If you completed SafeSport training as a coach or legality official last season you do not need to retake it for the ’20-’21 season.

Online Training

Please complete the form to register for the Legality Training Course.
Legality Official Course Registration