Associate Members

For any individual, organization or company that does not fit into any of the other membership categories. An associate member must be a legal entity such as a company, corporation, sole proprietor, or independent contractor. Organizations or companies that have employees may add additional representatives to their profile after it has been approved and created. Annual membership fee for an Associate Member is $250. The membership fee for each additional representative is $50.

Membership Application Process

  • Prospective members will apply and give reason for wanting to join as an Associate Member and pay membership fee at time of application
  • USASF staff will review application, verify authenticity, and verify eligibility
  • Review process may take 7-10 days
  • Applicant will be notified of acceptance and may have access to their profile once approved
  • Applicants who are declined will receive a refund for membership fees paid


  • Access to USASF Rules & Safety Site, including Cheer & Dance rules Digital Library
  • Access to the USASF Connection, Announcements Forum
  • USASF member profile to complete NCSI background check and be listed with other USASF GreenLight members
  • USASF member profile to complete Athlete Protection Training

Fees, Membership Term & Activation of Benefits

  • Annual Membership fee is $250 for the Associate Member Entity and the account administrator
  • Each additional Associate Member Entity Rep (employees or affiliated persons) may be added to the account for access to benefits.  Membership fee for each additional rep is $50
  • Membership is valid for one competitive season
  • Membership term begins August 1st and ends on July 31st
  • Membership is activated once the application has been approved by the USASF
  • Membership can be paid anytime during the membership term, however, membership fees are never prorated for delayed or late-season registration
  • Eligibility and the associated membership benefits begin once the membership is approved and activated
  • Eligibility and access to benefits are not retroactive
  • Once the application has been approved, Membership Fees are NON-refundable and NON-transferable.

Membership in the U.S. All Star Federation is a privilege and may be denied, suspended or terminated based on policies and standards approved by the USASF Board of Directors.