Regional Advisory Board

The Regional Advisory Board supports the initiatives of the National Advisory Board and will regionally convey new ideas to the National Advisory Board for consideration.

Who is eligible to serve:
All USASF Member Eligible Owners and Coaches

Members apply annually for up to 25 owner/coach representatives per region in addition to regionally-based Event Producers and Affiliate Company Members or their regional representatives.

One year. (May be renewed annually based on interest and active participation)

Specific Regional Advisory Board Directives:

  • Represent the best interest of All Star programs in each region
  • Work collectively and discuss current issues effecting the All Star community
  • Explore solutions that would be widely accepted and in the best interest of their region, and the All Star community as a whole
  • Prepare proposals to be taken to the National Advisory Board (NAB)
  • Promote and implement the initiatives of the NAB

Meet your Regional Advisory Board and Application Details
USASF Regional Advisory Board